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Make Moreno’s Your Lake Placid IRONMAN Headquarters

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the legendary Lake Placid IRONMAN. As the longest-running IRONMAN race in North America, it’s one of the most popular summer events in the Adirondacks.

Here’s why racers and spectators consider this race one of the best triathlons in the world.

It’s a Legendary IRONMAN: For triathletes, finishing the 140.6-mile Lake Placid IRONMAN is a benchmark in earning their stripes as an endurance athlete. The race begins with a 2.4-mile swim across Mirror Lake, followed by a 112-mile bike course that winds its way through the Adirondacks, and the last leg is a 26.2-mile marathon course that goes through the Olympic Village and along the shore of Mirror Lake with the finish line at the Olympic Oval.

The Electric Atmosphere: During the third week of July (this year’s race is on 7/21) Lake Placid becomes home to IRONMAN triathletes and local support is tremendous. The combination of the Olympic spirit and gorgeous Adirondack views brings people from all over the world to this one-of-a-kind event. Everyone in town during race week enjoys a resort atmosphere with fantastic dining, shopping, and recreation options.

Key Race Milestones: The Lake Placid IRONMAN course is well-known for the milestones that mark different points in the race. “The notch” or “the three bears” are what the racers call the 11-mile stretch of hills they cover from Wilmington back into town on the bike course. During the swim on Mirror Lake, triathletes look for “the cable” on the bottom of the lake that guides them. Runners get a great view of the Olympic ski jump on the run course and the finish line is on the Olympic Oval — an iconic landmark from the 1980 Olympics.

Adirondack Weather: With a reputation for being one of the most difficult races on the IRONMAN circuit, the unpredictable mountain weather is always an X-factor. Racers need to be prepared for the wind on the second half of the bike course (and the hills) and depending on the temperature the second half of the run can be extremely difficult. Combine these challenges with the tendency for the mountain weather to change during the race creates even more challenges for the triathletes (and sometimes for the spectators).

Where to Watch: While the triathletes have a strategy for attacking the IRONMAN course, spectators also need to do their homework to find the best places to watch the race. This is a very spectator-friendly event so make sure to stake out your spot at the swim start at Mirror Lake, the transition area at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval, the run course along Mirror Lake Drive, and the finish line in the Village. The race goes through Lake Placid multiple times so you can enjoy plenty of action.

At Moreno’s, we look forward to hosting Lake Placid IRONMAN triathletes and spectators each July. Our location is conveniently close to the events and races but far enough outside of town to provide a peaceful place to prepare and recover from a busy week of racing and enjoying the Adirondacks. Contact us today to make your reservation and make Moreno’s your IRONMAN headquarters.